Cold is a condition in which the body’s temperature drops below the normal body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius

The article discusses the various treatments that are available for cold and what to do when you’re struggling with it. It talks about how to take care of yourself while maintaining your energy levels and starting out on treatment.

Cold is a condition of the body when it is unable to regulate its temperature. Symptoms of cold include the loss of feeling, shivering and a decreased ability to work.

The signs and symptoms of cold are usually related to an increased level of inflammation in the body’s tissues. The most common cause is exposure to extreme cold such as from wind, rain, or dry air.

Since cold can also be caused by certain conditions such as lung problems, heart problems, or a low-grade fever that has gone untreated for too long, it is important not just for people with respiratory issues but everyone in general to keep up their routine health checks throughout the winter months.

There are certain things that can help prevent and relieve symptoms associated with cold including hand warmers and hot drinks like tea or coffee

Winter is a very cold and lonely season. With the long dark nights, intense cold, and lack of sunlight, it can be hard for people to get through the winter.

The article discusses how people cope with the cold weather in different ways during the winter months. It also provides tips on how to stay healthy during this season.